Welcome to the SteamDeck Linux Community!

We welcome all!

SteamDeck Linux is a community dedicated to allowing users of the SteamDeck to get the most out of Linux. We believe that the SteamDeck has great potential, especially with it's Linux core, and our aim is to allow users of all experience levels to achieve that potential.

With our Wiki, acting as a centralised place for guides and information, and our Subreddit as a forum to help those in need, we aim to show new users how welcoming and helpful the Linux community can be!

We would love you to help out!

Writing wiki articles is a lot of work. The more people we have contributing, the easier the job is as a whole. If you know a bit about Linux, Arch, KDE etc, and would be willing to spend some free time filling out the Wiki, or supporting users on Reddit, it would be greatly appreciated. Head on over to our Join page, to learn more.