About the Community

The Steam Deck has the potential to put Linux Gaming on the map. For years, Linux has been treated as a second class citizen in the gaming scene, mainly due to a low user base. However, the influx of users from the Steam Deck is bound to have a positive impact on the level of support our community recieves.

The Steam Deck Linux community was started as a way to welcome these new users coming from the Steam Deck. At times, the Linux community can be somewhat elitist, and noob-unfriendly; not the majority, to be sure, but a visual minority can certainly leave a bad first impression. We see the Steam Deck as an opportunity to improve this first impression to new users, and as a perfect medium to allow new users to experience the freedoms, and joys, of using a Linux system.

Our Reddit is a place where any new user can request help with using Linux on their Steam Deck. Our goal is to be as welcoming and supportive as possible to users getting their first taste of Linux.

Our Wiki aims to document, in a beginner friendly manner, using Linux on the Steam Deck. It aims to be a central hub of user submitted customisations, QOL hacks, guides to using desktop Linux, and any other useful tweaks.

We hope that these resources our community provides will allow new users to experience Linux, and maybe even consider using it as their main driver, or at least convince them to experiment further and tinker.