SteamDeck Linux Community Update #1

By Moxvallix

A lot has happened since the Steam Deck was announced, and this community was started. We now have a:

  • Wiki
  • Custom Domain
  • Matrix/discord
  • 782 members
  • Little bit of insanity
  • Website (New)

You may have noticed I haven't been as active in growing this community, and I am sorry for that. I have got a new job recently and have been quite busy.

However, I am still dedicated to this project, and, as the Steam Deck still isn't out this means focusing on the Wiki.

I have seen some other wikis theme up their front page really nice. Currently the Wiki's front page is something I have cobbled together with duct tape and html tables.

I was wondering if anyone in the Community has some experience theming Media Wiki pages, and would like to help out? If so, just leave a comment on this post, or DM me.

As well, if you have any comments, suggestions, requests etc for our community, I will be reading every comment on this post (if any are posted of course), so you will be heard.

I am going to try to do these community updates more often, although IDK how much content I will be able to squeeze.