Frequently Asked Questions

Is SteamDeck Linux affiliated with Valve, the SteamDeck, or Arch / KDE in any way?

No, the SteamDeck Linux community is not affiliated with any of the organisations involved in the creation of the SteamDeck. We are a completely unofficial community. Links to official projects on the wiki's Important Links page.

There is already the Arch Wiki, the KDE user guide, etc. Why are you making another?

Firstly, the Arch Wiki is a wonderous resource for anyone getting in to Linux, and I highly advise you check it out if you are interested.

There are plenty of good beginner resources out there for new Linux users. The Linux community provides plenty of excellent support and documentation for those who seek it. However, much of this documentation can be spread far and wide across the internet, and sometimes a solution to a simple beginner problem can take hours of research. As well, when searching for a solution, the answer one may find may not be very beginner friendly.

Our community, through both our Wiki and Subreddit, aims to provide a centralised resource for beginners using the SteamDeck, to explore the Linux side of things. Of course, we do not plan to re-invent the wheel entirely; if the Arch Wiki does a better job of explaining something, we'll make sure to point users there.

We hope that we can foster a community of people sharing QOL hacks, tweaks, mods, and general expertise for the benefit of all.

Why bother with all this?

The SteamDeck has the potential to increase the marketshare of Linux gaming, something that could have the potential to bring a lot more support to the Linux platform as a whole (and maybe bring the year of the Linux desktop???). This community is an effort to improve the experience of new users on Linux, coming from the SteamDeck, and show them how supportive the Linux community can be. See the About page for more info.